Benchmade 4400BK Casbah Auto Knife

The all-black look of the 4400BK Casbah by Benchmade is beautiful. Its lightweight feel, safety measure and easy to operate approach makes this folder versatile and perform in any condition. The auto-action folder has a push-button automatic mechanism with added safety. The black-coated blade has a drop point design with a plain sharp edge. The […]

Benchmade 3320BK Pagan AUTO OTF 3.96″

The 3320BK Pagan is another stunning rendition by Benchmade. The stunning blade spear-point blade flies out in a quick smooth manner from an equally stylish black handle. The automatic double-action out-the-front mechanism makes operating the knife easy and swift. This pocket knife has been designed to cater to the daily needs and is a very […]


Benchmade has reinvented the out-the-front knife concept with the 3320 Pagan. This knife has a sleek splendid design that offers the user comfort and effortless out-the-pocket everyday kind of usage. The 154CM steel used to make the incredibly sharp-looking double-edge spear-point blade is strong and gritty. It reinforces the edge quality and the strength of […]

Benchmade 3300BK Mchenry , infidel , otf , aut , spear Knife

3300bk agency w sheath 1000x1000 510x510

One glance at the super design of the 3300BK Mchenry Infidel and you know it means business! The all-black look, the stunning safety features, clubbed with a hardcore performance factor make this knife unique. It is definitely a great tactical knife to possess. The first aesthetic aspect that garners attention is the raspy black handle. […]



The 320 Ball Precinct is a nifty looking folder by Benchmade in collaboration with Ball. The knife can be characterized by its super rugged-looking steel blade and the black textured handle. The knife has some amazing features that make it great as an everyday knife or even as a tactical knife. This pocket knife uses […]

Benchmade 176BK-COMBO SOCP Dagger 3.22″

benchmade 176bk 510x495

The 176BK-Combo SOCP dagger by Benchmade encompasses all the details needed in a tactical setup. This knife comes with a beautiful SOCP dagger and a red trainer. The effortless control over this knife and the room for manipulating other objects without releasing the knife are what makes this knife amazing. The black sheath incorporated the […]

Benchmade 15080-2 Crooked river axis folder Knife

15080 1 15080 2 pair 1000x1000 510x510 1

Benchmade is known to create knives keeping in mind traditional appeal and new age adaptations. The 15080-2 Crooked River is a classic example of a contemporary hunting knife by Benchmade. Its design is classic but an aesthetic appeal is new age. The functionality is diverse and the mechanism is easy. This makes this knife convenient […]

Benchmade 15060-2 Grizzly Creek Dp Axis Folder Knife

15060 2 agency 1000x1000 2

The 15060-2 Grizzly Creek is an all-encompassing folder by Benchmade that is perfect for the outdoors. This folder has a beautiful profile with a satin finished blade, wood handle, and a hook. It is an amazing hunting knife to possess as the blade can render sharp clean precision cuts needed for game cleaning and the […]

Benchmade 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter, Fb, Wo Knife

15016 2

For knife lovers, the 15016-2 Hidden Canyon Hunter is a perfect companion for an outdoor setting. The rugged-looking knife may be pint-sized but has impressive features that make it absolutely reliable. It is great for hunters as it has qualities that aid in skinning and severing meat simple. The blade is made of premium CPM-S30V […]

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