Benchmade 557BKSN Mini Griptilian Tanto 2.91″

benchmade 557bksn

The 557BKSN mini-Griptilian can be defined by its black tanto styled blade and the sand-hued handle. Mel Pardue has created this brand of folding knives for Benchmade and has been influenced by the military in a large way. This knife operates with the tradition Benchmade Axis Lock mechanism that is accentuated by an ambidextrous thumb-stud […]

Benchmade 557BKOD Mini Griptilian Tanto 2.91″


This edgy mini-Griptilian has a very strong military vibe with its quintessential black and green look. The 557BKOD was designed by Mel Pardue a well-known knife maker, for Benchmade. The material used makes this folder an extremely good tactical knife to possess. The patented Axis lock mechanism help operated the opening and closing of the […]

Benchmade 557BK Pardue, Mini Tanto Grip, Axis Knife

benchmade 557bk

The 557BK can be characterized by its brilliant black blade. This dynamic folding knife is a part of the Griptilian range from Pardue for Benchmade. It has an all black rugged tactical feel and has features that make it extremely great to possess. The stunning tanto design of the blade stands out and the plain […]

Benchmade 556SBK Mini-Griptilian 2.91″

benchmade 556sbk

There is something always so gnarly about an all black folding knife. The 556SBK mini-Griptilian designed by Pardue for Benchmade has some of the stalwart characteristics that any Griptilain has, but looks stunning. Benchmade’s highlight is the patented Axis Lock mechanism that is used to operate this folder. The Axis mechanism allows the user to […]

Benchmade 556S-1 Mini Griptilian 2.91″ CPM-20CV

Benchmade 556S-1 Mini Griptilian 2.91 CPM-20CV Satin Drop Point Combo Blade, Gray G10 Handles Knife

The quintessential drop point design paired with a gritty grey-blue handle is what defines the 556S-1 Mini Griptilian. Mel Pardue is the creative genius and the renowned knife maker behind this range for Benchmade. It has features that not only make the folder dynamic in functionality but it also possesses an aesthetic edge. The Axis […]

Benchmade 556BK-1 Mini Griptilian 2.91″ CPM-20CV

benchmade 556bk-1

One of the most renowned knifemakers Mel Pardue has designed a range of stunning folding knives for Benchmade. The 556BK-1 Mini is a rugged looking knife that is pocket-sized and packs a punch when released. The knife operates on the patented Axis Lock mechanism that has been patented by Benchmade. The ambidextrous thumb-stud allows the […]

Benchmade 556BK Pardue, Mini-Griptilian 2.91″

benchmade 556bk

The 556BK Mini Griptilian is simple, understate, elegant and has great functionality. The knife was crafted by well-known knife maker Mel Pardue for Benchmade. You will typically see within this Griptilian solid features that make it extremely easy to use and perform really well as a tactical and an everyday weapon. The all black folder […]

Benchmade 556-1 Mini Griptilian 2.91″ CPM-20CV

benchmade 556-1

The 556-1 Mini Griptilian is another brilliant creation by Mel Pardue for Benchmade. This stunning folder can be distinguished by its extremely classy looks and very effective features. The satin finish blade paired with an interesting grey –blue handle makes this knife aesthetically appealing. The folder operates on the quintessential Axis locking mechanism which is […]

Benchmade 555SHG Pardue, mini grip, axis, hole Knife

benchmade 555shg

This folder by Mel Pardue for Benchmade has a classy black and steel looking combination. This Griptilain is versatile and has an overall well-rounded functionality that makes it great for everyday usage. The manual –opening Axis mechanism allows the user to have precision and control over the blade. The 2.91-inch blade has a satin finish […]

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